Our Pupils

We welcome children from all countries. We are an all inclusive school.

Our School

St. Conleth’s Infant Primary School is Catholic School situated opposite St. Conleth’s Parish Church on the Naas Road in Newbridge Co. Kildare.

It was built in 1953 under the patronage of the Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin and run by the Holy Family Sisters until 2000.

The Naíonra

The Naíonra at St Conleth’s Infant School opened in September 2011, catering for six pupils aged between three and five years. It has a staff of one teacher and two SNAs. Pupils attending the Naíonra are from the greater Newbridge and surrounding areas.

Principal: Mrs. Anne-Marie O’Connor

Deputy Principal: Mrs. Norma Nugent

If you wish to contact the school please

email: office@stconlethinfantschool.ie

If anyone wishes to contact the Parents Association please email: pa.stconlethinfantschool@gmail.com 

School holidays 2022 /2023

Please keep in a safe place for future reference school. Holiday dates are available on our website (above).

Sept 1st (Thurs)               School re-opens.

Oct 28th (Fri)                    School closes at 2.00pm – Mid-term break.

Nov 7th (Mon)                  School re-opens.

Dec 2nd (Fri)  School Closed , Primary Language Inservice Day.

Dec 21st (Wed)                 School closes at 12pm – Christmas Hols.

Jan 5th (Thurs)                  School re-opens.

Feb 6th (Mon)                   School closed – Bank Holiday

Feb 16th & 17th               School closed – Mid-term break.

Mar 16th & 17th                School closed –  St. Patrick’s Weekend.

March 31st (Fri)              School closes at 12pm – Easter Holidays.

Apr 17th (Mon)               School re-opens.

April 28th (Fri)  School Closed , Primary Language Inservice Day.

May 1st & 2nd                   School closed – May bank holiday.

June 2nd  (Fri)                  School closed

June 5th  (Mon)                School closed – June bank holiday

June 6th  (Tues)                School closed

June 7th (Wed)                School re opens

June 30th (Fri)                 School closed 12pm – Summer holidays.

Please note there will be one or more days the school will be closed for in-service. 
Dates not available yet.