Activities On and Off Line

Suggestions for Children’s Learning Activities Online and Offline

St.Conleth’s Infant School Newbridge

Literacy / Reading:

  • Download APP epicreading – this app is similar to Netflix for reading
  • World Book Online have made their collection of over 3,000 e-books and audio books available for free for children to access at home.

  • Download Borrowbox and sign up to use this online facility to read library books at home. The eBook services are provided by the Library users by Bolinda through the Borrow Box service. You can access this service using your library barcode and library pin number.
  • This allows you to listen to stories being read aloud
  • There are lots of activities related to books  at this link – extracts from stories, drawing activities, printable activities, art and craft activities, costume-making etc. Frozen extracts on page 2

Short Story Competition:

  • Check out John Boyne on Twitter. The author of ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’. This author is running a short story competition for 6-18 year olds to help foster creativity among Irish children during the crisis.

Nature / Outdoor Ordinance Survey Ireland have lots of suggestions for nature walk activities and what to look out for. Draw what you see in your copy. Label parts of a plant/flower/tree. Press leaves/flowers/grasses   Lots of information about birds around Ireland and how to identify them. Become a Bird Detective. Sit quietly in your backgarden and watch from your window.  Set a timer for 10 minutes. Record (take a tally/tick every time you see a particular bird) how many, colour, size. You could collect this data every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the record on a block/bar graph or pictogram.



Try simple science experiments at home and record what you used, what you expected to happen and what actually happened. These homeschooler website have lots of easy suggestions. Don’t forget, if you make a mess, you must clean up afterwards.


Tables Practice:

(addition, subtraction, doubles/near doubles, multiplication, division)

This is a fun game where your child is playing against the clock. Suitable for all levels and covers the four Number Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)   Twinkl has great Maths and Literacy resources and are offering free month’s membership. This will allow you unlimited access to every single resource for every single curriculum subject from Junior Infants to Sixth class.

Fitness and Mindfulness:

This site has short and longer videos of all kinds of fitness and mindfulness activities. They run from a few minutes to about 15 minutes. The children find the activities quite motivating as they can chose an avator which changes (transmogridies) as it levels up when children complete 10 activities.



Off-Line Activities

Write a Letter to the Elderly to a resident in one of our Nursing Homes in Kildare. This is a very tough time for the elderly due to lack of visitors. Carechoice have invited children to write letters or draw pictures and then either post them to any of the Nursing Homes and address them to Activities Team or email to

Design / redecorate your bedroom…..Use an Argos Catalogue to choose what you would like in your room. Work from a budget your parents will give you and estimate the cost. Calculate the total cost. Draw a picture of the final plan. Do something similar with a Smiths Catalogue and pretend you are buying presents for some of your friends. Work from a budget of €50.

Design and Plan a Menu for a 3-course Dinner for your family

Design a Book Cover for your favourite book character

Learn how to wrap a present

Learn how to tie your laces

Baking – follow a simple recipe and cook something

Board Games / Card Games

Create a throwing and catching game for two people

Skipping / Hopscotch