First Class Work Pack March 30th – April 3rd

Dear Parents,

We hope that you and your families are safe and well during this difficult time. We have attached below a plan of work for the week beginning March 30th for all our pupils in 1st class. We understand that you all have your own unique circumstances at home and we don’t want any parents to feel under any pressure to have their child complete this work. These are suggestions, to keep your child in the habit of engaging in and completing educational activities during this exceptional time. Please say hi to all the children from rooms 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17! We hope to see them all soon. Best wishes to all,

The first class team.



  • Mental Maths – continue with the next week of work in the workbook
  • 100 square activities –your child has completed many activities in class so he/she can revise the 100 square. Check out for 100 square splat games or help your child make their own 100 square and then ask questions like:

Where is 57? What is 10 more/less than that?

Where is 76? What is 3 more/less than that? ……

 Etc….use any ideas you have to get your child more familiar with the 100 square.

  • Count in 2s, 5s, 10s up to 100 (challenge: count them in reverse!)
  • Name the days of the week and months of the year. (Challenge: write them out and draw a picture for each!)

Another great website for maths is



  • Reading: read with your child every day, discuss the author, illustrator, predict the story from the blurb and ask questions about the story/characters etc after your child reads the book.

**If you need greater access to books then check out and subscribe for free for a month. They have a great selection for all ages and abilities to read online on any iphone, android or laptop.

  • Spellings: revise the spellings over the past two weeks….a little catch up time! If everyone concentrates on the following spellings then we’ll know where to start from after Easter.


win,  sit,  stop,  fry,  dry, crying,  sky,  more,  before,  myself

box,  job,  bulb,  own,  grow,  elbow,  yellow,  other,  were,  snowman


This might be a lot to revise for some children so just do as much or as little as they are comfortable with. Try doing a little spelling test on Friday!

  • Tricky words: revise the past 2 weeks so that we know where to start from after Easter. Your child needs to be able to read these words by sight as these words don’t follow the phonics rules.

warm,  ate,  full, those,  done

use,  fast,  say, light,  pick


  • Writing: a nice keepsake might be a little diary to keep during this extraordinary time in your child’s life. Use a copybook or stick pages together so that your child can write about their day. Help out with spellings and remind your child to keep small letters small, tall letters tall, keep letters on the line and to remember their capital letters and full stops.

An example of what they might write would be:


Today is Monday.

It is a warm and sunny day.

The days are getting bright and long.

Today I had fun in my garden.


Some children will write lots, lots more but if they write a few sentences a day that would be great. Your child could draw a  little picture to go with each day too.


Also check out for more great ideas and activities. You can access all resources on this website for free using the following:

                   Username:march20                   Password: home


Art: We know that you will have lots of ideas and are doing fabulous art but just to let you know that we love the art for kids hub on youtube! Just google ‘art for kids hub’ and whatever your child might like to draw and follow the artist! Maybe some Easter or Spring art ideas would be good.


PE: There are so many ideas out there and lots listed on the school website but our favourites are ‘Go Noodle’ on Youtube and for some workouts with Joe Wicks.


**and finally….a lovely website is where your child can watch the animals being fed on webcams and lots more!


Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter, take care

The first class team