Junior Infant Tour To Stonebrook Farm

Our Junior Infants went to Stonebrook Farm on Thursday 6th June for their school tour and it got the thumbs up from both staff and pupils. The children got to feed the goats, lambs and calves. Some were brave enough  to hold bunnies chicks and hamsters and some not so brave!. There was lots of cheering and laughter when they got to go up and down the hills on the tractor ride. Of course the very large playground was a real winner with everyone – they had their picnic there and had lots of fun playing together. ‘‘This was the best day ever’’ could be heard from lots of the children on their way to the bus, before many of them fell asleep exhausted but happy on their way back to the school!

Isn't Podge a handsome fellow!
Going for a tractor ride
Busy Feeding the calves!