Language Support (E.A.L.) Junior Infants Room 1 – April 20th- May 1st

Dear Parents,

This is a note for the Junior Infant children who attend my class in Room 1 for Language Support. I hope both you and the children are keeping safe and happy during these surreal times.

I have enclosed some suggested activities for the children to do during  their  time off school.  The first section is a list to pick and choose from each day.

 I have also included some work on the topic: The Farm.

These are just suggestions and I do not want you to feel under pressure to complete all of the work. Only do what you are able to do. The most important thing is to speak some English to your child each day.

Please remember that children build up their oral language skills by speaking to them in English while playing and working with them . Children learn best by constant revision and repetition.

 I fully understand that every family situation is different at this time and also that you may have difficulty with the language.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me at: Also please log on to our website: to find up to date information.

In the meantime, stay safe, happy and healthy together.  Say a big hello to all the children for me.

Kind regards,

Margaret Mahon (Language Support Room 1)




Suggested Activities for April 20th- May 1st

  • To name things in the : ( house/garden/shed/shop/park/grass/trees
  • To express wants. ( I would like something to eat/drink/ I am hungry/thirsty
  • To express likes. (Examples:I like to play with my friend/I like to watch TV/ I like to play with my toys
  • To answer questions. ( Examples:What did you do today? Where is mum?)
  • To understand commands. ( Pass me a fork/spoon/ Go upstairs and get me my jumper
  • To listen to and follow directions.
  • To review the present tense.
  • To review prepositions. ( on, at, inside, outside – eg. The book is on the table. Dad is outside in the garden, My sister is at the table.
  • To review colours)
  • To review shapes. . ( Square/circle/rectangle/triangle)
  • To count objects. ( How many cups etc are on the table)
  • To recognise numerals. ( 1-10)
  • To know jolly phonic sounds. ( Get the children to blend letters: c, a, t,-cat, cap, cup, car, mat, bag, etc- If you have access to Youtube, Jolly Phonics is available there.
  • To know words to accompany the sounds. ( The children have some words in their Language folder and also show them more c for car, cat, cake etc)
  • To use chants, rhymes and songs to learn vocabulary. ( Get the children to say the rhymes that they remember -Also on You tube ( Rhymes for children)

To listen to stories. Start with the fairtytales ( If you don’t have books, go to stories online and get the children to listen to the story)


 Questions that may  be covered daily:

  • What do you want?
  • Do you want a…?….”I want a…?”
  • What do you like?…”I like a…”
  • What would you like ?…”I would like….”
  • What day is it today?
  • What day is it tomorrow
  • What day was it yesterday?
  • What month is it now? ( Talk about spring: Flowers grow in Spring/Baby animals are born in Spring/We celebrate Valentines Day/St.Patricks Day/Easter in Spring
  • What is the weather today? ( It is a cloudy day, dry/wet/cold/sunny)



: The Farm


Vocabulary: farm/farmer/food/grow/seeds/hay/

                   Animals: cow,calf/pig ,piglet/sheep lamb/ horse/foal/hen, chicken /dog/cat/turkey/goose

Buildings: Farmers house, sheds, barn,  pig sty, stable, milking parlour


Some possible questions: Who works on a farm? Where would you find a farm?  What is a farm?


What do we get from the cow?; milk/butter/ice-cream/yogurt

What does the farmer wear?;Overalls/wellies/ cap

What does the farmer driver on the farm: The tractor


Rhymes : Baa Baa Black Sheep

               Old Mac Donald has a farm ( will find on You Tube)


Activities: Draw a picture of a farm and a farmer working on the farm

                 Name and colour in the items on the page