Language Support Junior Infants May 18th – May 29th

Monday May 18th – Friday May 25th

Language Support

Dear parents and hello to all the boys and girls.

 I hope you have made the most of the sunny weather and have had fun outside in the garden. It was lovely to see some of your faces and to chat to you on our Zoom call last week.  Parents I would like you to go over the following work with the children during the next two weeks. It is work that they have done with me a few months ago and they should have some of the worksheets in their folder. If they have lost them, there are lots of pictures on the internet to help you. This is a good time to go back on what your child has covered and to develop your child’s vocabulary even further.

Kind Regards,

Margaret Mahon


Week 1 May 18th – 22nd

Topic :  The Doctor:

  • Develop and use a variety of vocabulary based on the dodor’s surgery:eg: doctor/medicine/injection/inhaler/crutches/bandage/thermometer


Talk about times that we get sick

We go to the doctor when we get sick.

We sit in the reception area until the doctor calls us in.

The doctor examines us with a stethescope

He/She takes our temperature with a thermometer

He/She will give mammy/daddy a prescription for medicine.

We go to the pharmacy to get our medicine

Sometimes the doctor will give an injection with a needle

We use a plaster when we cut our knee

We use a bandage if we hurt our knee/leg/arm badly

We stay in bed when we are sick.

Activity: Draw a picture of when you were sick in bed. Talk about the picture.

Check their folder and see do they have the worksheet on the doctor and ask the children questions.


Week 2 May 25th– 29th

Topic: Being Sick 

 Develop and use a variety of vocabulary based on being sick and a visit to the hospital.

 Doctor, nurse, hospital, plaster, broken, bleeding, accident, stiches, X-       ray, injection, painful, examine,

Where does a doctor/nurse work.

When do we go to the hospital?

The doctor/nurse examines you .

What is an X-ray machine used for?

When does one use crutches/wheelchair?


Ongoing work:

  •  Please spend some time each day speaking to your child in English.
  • Encourage them to give you full sentences.
  • Choose some ongoing activities from the earlier sheets that I sent you.
  • Put emphasis on the following: Beside/middle/behind/inside/outside/in front

Example: Put the book on the table, behind the chair/in front of the TV, /beside the cup etc

  • Choose a story that your child enjoys- ask he/she questions about the beginning/middle/end of the story.
  • Get your child to say all the nursery rhymes he/she knows