Winter Update

On Friday 16th November, First Class Room 14 (Mrs.McGrath/Mrs. Deeney) performed an assembly. Following a very active Science Week it was not surprising their theme was Science Week. As part of their assembly the children performed their own composition of ‘Future of Our Planet’ Thank you to Lelia who is part of our Green Team who put pen to paper and changed the lyrics.  We were encouraged to use reusable bottles, save energy by switching off the lights and how they are ready to make the changes. The children in St. Conleth’s Infant School are certainly making the changes. This past month they have collected lots of batteries, are making sure energy is saved – switching off pcs, closing doors and windows,  – We are very proud of our eco-monitors! As one of our Green Schools initiatives this month, we are encouraging all staff and pupils not to use tinfoil for lunches if possible for the remainder of the school year.