St. Conleth’s Infant School-Covid Response Plan

Wellness /re-introduction to school

  • Increased focus on pupil wellbeing and gentle introduction back to school


  • Covid 19 signage is displayed throughout the school building
  • 2 Metre social distance signs are painted on paths leading to school
  • Directional arrows on corridors.


  • Hand sanitisers are at each entrance
  • Hand sanitisers are at entrance to each classroom, Set rooms and offices.
  • Soap dispensers and paper towels in classrooms.
  • Soap dispensers with a mixture of hand driers and and paper towels in bathrooms.
  • Hand sanitiser at entrance to Ionad Spraoi and Hall.
  • Library is designated Covid isolation area.
  • Enhanced cleaning regime.
  • Foot pedal bins in all classrooms for tissues/paper towels.
  • Emphasis on handwashing and respiratory hygiene.
  • Disinfectant cleaning will take place during the day of high frequency touch points.

Classroom layout

  • Classrooms are arranged in groups of tables(pods)
  • It will not be possible to change the make-up of these pods for a period of time.
  • Pods are approx. 1metre from each other and 2metres from teacher. Work space for sna, as recommended in roadmap for re-opening.
  • Excess furniture is removed from classrooms thus creating more space.

Class organisation

  • Teachers will organise pupils’ learning materials in such a way that each pod has access to their own materials.
  • A “wait box” into which reading books are placed after being collected so that books are disinfected.
  • Children will not have access to the class or school library. Library books may be divided according to class pods, using the wait system.
  • Shared areas such as Seomra Draiochta, Science area will not be in use for now.
  • Ventilation in classrooms.

Staff organisation

  • Staff are organised in smaller groups- set teacher, class teacher and sna if appropriate. Staff are asked to stay within this small group and limit contact with other staff.
  • A 2metre distance must be maintained between staff. Face covering should be used if 2 metre distance cannot be maintained.
  • All classrooms are provided with cleaning materials for staff to keep their own work areas clean.

Common areas out of bounds

  • Library, Seomra Draiochta will not be available during this time.

Yard/  playtime

  • Staggered playtimes with each class playing with own class group. Yards will be temporarily subdivided in to play zones
  • Ionad spraoi is available for use-children must hand sanitise on entry. Regular cleaning of play equipment.

Arrangement for children coming into school

  • Three entrance points- At Hall, Science door, side gate.
  • It is imperative that parents do not congregate at these areas.
  • There will be staggered start and finish times.
  • In-School management are available to support children entering into school. Teachers must be available to accept their pupils immediately as there will be no lining up. Children will enter as soon as they arrive at the allocated time.
  • Group 1 classes will be accepted@9:00am, Group 2@9:10am, Group 3@9:20am
  • Junior Infants will enter via the hall door and will begin school at 9:30 am and 9:40 am for 1st
  • Staff will be available from 9am to escort/direct children to classes.
  • All Children must hand sanitise before entering the school.
  • Junior Infants to visit the school in small groups on Monday August 31 with one parent for a period of 20 minutes. Parents are asked to wear masks. Parents will be notified of arrangements.
  • Suggested staggered entry. Each class will be notified of start and finish time. Children will enter and exit from these areas.

Science Area

Side gate

Hall entrance-Junior Infants


Rooms 5 and 7


14 and 17,10


2 and 6


8 and 11


9 and 15


3 and 4




13 and 16


Asd Pre-school children will enter building via front door as usual

Movement within the school

  • Pupils are to follow directional arrows.
  • Congregation of children on corridors to be discouraged, children encouraged to pass quickly.
  • Disinfectant cleaning will take place during the day of high frequency touch points.

Coming to school

  • Parents and children are asked to walk to school where possible and to maintain a two metre distance from others. Markings are in place.
  • The main aim is dropping off and collecting children safely and to avoid large gatherings of people. Parents are encouraged to wear face coverings at these times also.

Know the symptoms of Covid 19

  • High temperature
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of smell, taste or distortion of taste.

Dealing with a suspected case of Covid 19

  • The school will adhere to the guidance provided by the DES roadmap to re-opening.
  • Staff or pupils should not attend if they are feeling unwell.
  • If a pupil displays symptoms of Covid 19, parents are contacted immediately.
  • The pupil is brought to the designated isolation area, library, maintaining a 2 metre distance from staff member.
  • Parents are asked to collect their child from the library immediately.
  • The library/isolation area will be cleaned and disinfected immediately afterwards.

All pupils, parents and staff are asked to adhere to the School Covid 19 Response plan.

August 2020