Junior Infants work pack June 15th – June 26th

Junior Infants Home Learning – June Week 3 and 4

Dear parents,

Can’t believe we’re writing this, but here is the final two weeks of home learning for Junior Infants. This has been quite a year we think you’ll agree! Thank you for all of your support in facilitating Home Learning for your children over these past few months. You are nearly at the finish line! We understand that it may be getting harder for you and the children to keep those motivation levels up but just do what you feel is best. Remember that play is just as important as sitting down to the books. 

Week 3 would have been Active Week in school, packed full of lots of fun activities! We have suggested some daily Active Week at Home Challenges for the whole family to try. Keep an eye on the school Twitter (https://twitter.com/SCInfantSchool)  too for some more suggestions! We would love to see some photos of what you get up to on Active Week and if you’d like to share them to our Twitter page, email room1@stconlethinfantschool.ie 

Also check out the Active Schools Website! https://activeschoolflag.ie/index.php/active-home-week-2020/

We will be in touch with you all about a final Zoom on Week 4. Maybe the children would like to share a nice memory from Junior Infants or tell us what they got up to during Active Week!

Thank you again for your support.

Dear children, 

We can’t believe we are coming to the end of Junior Infants with you all. We have loved teaching you all and we are also very proud of you and how hard you have all worked at home. Also we have heard you’ve been such good girls and boys at home! Keep it up over the Summer. We will see you all soon on Zoom. Enjoy Active Schools week. Keep active, get fresh air and enjoy some of the activities we planned for you.

Have fun!!

Ms O’Driscoll, Mrs O’Connor, Ms O’Sullivan, Ms Murray, Ms Kavanagh and Ms King

Week 3 – Active Week

Monday 15th June


After reading, discuss the rhyming words – can you hear them? E.g sea- me, wide- hide- inside

    • Handwriting – letter s: complete page 66 in your Ready to Write Book or use the optional sheet below. 

Youtube: Let’s Get Squiggling https://youtu.be/WBqB5rCrrZo

    • Don’t forget to practice writing your name this week too! Capital letter to start followed by all lower case.
  • Maths – We are going to learn about Ordinal Numbers (recognising first and last) 
    • When you are in a queue (in a shop, at the post office, a queue for ice cream, a queue for the swing in the park), point out the person who is first in the queue and the person who is last in the queue.
    • Have some races. Who came first? Who came last?
    • Cracking Maths page 87
  • Gaeilge – As this is Active Schools Week, we are going to practice actions and movements each day! Today’s action is: bí ag rith (run) – bee egg rih
  • SESE – Draw a map/plan of your obstacle course for Active Week!
  • Active Week at Home Challenges
    • Create your own obstacle course
    • Have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic!

Tuesday 16th June


  • English 
    • Handwriting – letter s: practise the letter s into handwriting copy or onto a blank sheet. Use lots of different colours! 
  • Maths – Ordinal Numbers (recognising first and last)
    • Ask your child what was the first thing they did when they woke up this morning. What was the last thing they did before they went to bed?
    • Who was the last person to put their plate in the sink/dishwasher? Who was the first?
    • Cracking Maths page 88
  • Gaeilge Today’s action is: bí ag léim (jumping) – bee egg lay-um
  • Drama

A fun Drama game for the whole family 1 – 10.

The aim of the game is to get to the number “ten”. Everyone must look at the floor so there is no eye contact.  Anyone starts by saying “one”. Any other person will continue by saying “two” and so on until you reach “ten”. If any two people say a number at the same time, you must all start again at “one”.  

You can adapt and change the game the next time you play by changing your voices or jumping/hopping when you say a number. 

  •  Active Week at Home Challenges
    • Wear your favourite sports Jersey today! 
    • Keepie Uppie Challenge
    • Chalk Hop-scotch onto the ground 

Wednesday 17th June


  • English
    • Handwriting- Practice writing your name in your copy. Capital letter at the start followed by lowercase. Use different colours! 
  • Maths- Data. This week we are learning about Data. 

Complete Page 89 Cracking Maths book.

  • Gaeilge – Today let’s practice: bí ag siúl (walking) – bee egg shool
  • Music – Under the sea song  From the Little Mermaid


Thursday 18th June


  • English
    • Handwriting – Revision Complete page 67 in Ready to Write book. 
  • Maths –  Data
    • When you come home from grocery shopping, place everything on the kitchen table. Ask your child to divide the contents into 2 groups. Group 1 could be everything that goes in the fridge. Group 2 could be everything that goes in the fruit bowl. Which group had the most things? Which group had the least?
    • Cracking Maths page 90 and 91
  • Gaeilge –  Let’s practice: bí ag damhsa (dancing) – bee egg dow-sa (ow as in owl)
  • SPHE

Under the Sea meditation – play this from You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjgPkzkuVBM

Or do your own- 

Ask your child to find a quiet place to sit or lie down. Ask them to close their eyes and tell them to think about a make believe place – in a submarine under the sea. Say – Imagine how it looks- What can you see? Is it colourful? How does it sound? What can you hear? How does it feel? Do you feel warm or cold? How does it smell? Can you smell the ocean? Do you feel relaxed?

When you have finished your guided meditation ask your child to gently open their eyes and they can tell you all about their journey. If your child struggles to relax during this you can describe it for them e.g there are many colourful fish swimming past, you can hear a dolphin etc

Friday 19th June


  • English
    • Handwriting – Revision Complete page 68 in Ready to Write book.
    • Draw a picture of Active School’s week in your news copy and write/copy the caption: ‘Active Schools Week, I had fun!’ 
    • As it is Father’s Day this Sunday, maybe you could make a card for your Daddy, Grandad, uncle or someone special in your life. https://www.pinterest.ie/pin/470766967299091856/
  • Maths –  Zero is an empty set. 
  • Gaeilge Today let’s play Deir Ó’Grádaigh (Simon says) dare oh graw-dig 

say Deir Ó’Grádaigh bí ag rith, siúl etc and child does the action.

You can also let your child be the leader or the múinteoir and call out the action!


  • Active Week at Home Challenges
    • Walk a Mile with a Smile!
    • Build the tallest tower

Week 4 – Final Week and Class Zoom

Monday  22nd June


    • Handwriting – Revision Complete page 69 in Ready to Write book. 
  • Maths – 3D Shapes We know that some shapes, like a football, have curved sides and can roll. Other shapes, like a cereal box, have flat sides and cannot roll. These shapes are good for stacking or building.
    • Can you find objects that roll in your house?
    • Cracking Maths page 85
  • Gaeilge This week we will focus on some revision of the work you have covered over the last while.
    • Weather /Aimsir: Conas atá an aimsir inniu? Tá an lá te (hot) /fuar (cold)/ fliuch (wet)/ tirim (dry).
    • Rhyme: Rólaí Pólaí
  • SESE: If possible plant some cress seeds and watch them grow in a few days! Use empty egg shells or an empty coffee cup. Moisten some cotton wool or compost and sprinkle the cress seeds. Keep them watered and watch the seeds sprout!

Tuesday 23rd June

  • English
    • Handwriting Revision Complete page 70 in Ready to Write book. 
  • Maths – 3D Shapes 
    • Can you find objects that stack in your house?
    • Cracking Maths page 86
  • Gaeilge 
    • Dathanna– Dearg (red), glas (green), gorm (blue), buí (yellow). Cén dath é sin? Sin dearg/buí etc
    • Rhyme: Lámh, lámh eile
  • Art – draw/paint a picture of something you love about summer…. barbecues, going to the park, eating ice cream, splashing in the paddling pool, going to the beach?

Wednesday 24th June

  • English –  Handwriting Revision Complete page 71 in Ready to Write book.
  • Maths – Addition of 2 numbers
    • Combine sets of objects with totals up to 5 using lego, crayons, blocks etc.

Ask your child to make a set of 3, 4 etc and ask how many will there be if I add 1 or 2 more? 

e.g  Say ‘I had 2 I added 3 more and then I had 5 altogether’. 

‘I have 1 crayon and 3 pieces of lego, how many do I have altogether?’

    • Cracking Maths  – page 113 
  • Gaeilge – Count as Ghaeilge:

1 a haon

2 a dó

3 a trí

4 a ceathair

5 a cúig

6 a sé

7 a seacht

8 a hocht

9 a naoi

10 a deich

    • Rhyme: Is mise an Traein
  • Drama – Sharing a Shell

After reading the story of Sharing a Shell, play some underwater music from You tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8j8oDOVBWkM , ask your child to roleplay being a sea creature. They can choose one from the story or their favourite sea creature. They can do this with sound or through mime. 

Thursday 25th June

  • English 

Write a word that reminds you of school on a page and decorate it. It might be happy, friends, playground etc. send your picture to room1@stconlethinfantschool.iefor the Twitter page!

  • Maths – Addition of 2 numbers
    • continue to combine sets of objects with totals up to 5 using items at home.
    • Cracking Maths – page 114 and 115  
  • Gaeilge – Bia 
    • Revision of vocabulary – subh (jam), ubh (egg), oráiste (orange), úll (apple), im (butter), ceapaire (sandwich), bainne (milk), brioscaí (biscuits), milseáin (sweets), uachtar reoite (icecream)
    • Rhyme: Cad atá sa mhála.
  • SPHE – Using the story ‘Sharing a Shell’ 

Sharing – Talk about how we share at home, in school, with our friends. We all have important roles at home just like the creatures who shared a shell. Ask your child what ways they share? What are they good at sharing at home?

Friday 26th June

  • English

Write/copy a sentence or 2 in your news copy about what you enjoyed in Junior Infants and draw a picture to go with it. Read the sentence if you can!


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