Language support work pack June 15th – June 26th

Language Support Junior Infants June 15th -26th

Dear Parents, boys and girls

I hope that you are all well and have managed to enjoy the lovely sunny weather that we have had. It was nice to see you on your Zoom calls last week with your teachers and hopefully we will have another call before we finish up for the holidays. I hope that you are speaking a little English everyday with your family and please continue to do so throughout the holidays.

For the next two weeks I would like you to continue with the theme Holiday Fun which I posted on June 2nd. See how much vocabulary you know from the work sheets and parents please encourage full sentences and ask lots of questions. If you have spare time, revise other topics in their language folder, again putting emphasis on prepositions (in, on, beside, behind etc)

I enclose some  more work sheets based on the same theme and some  other activities and follow the same approach with them- getting the children to name each item and emphasis on sentence structure. Use the same type of questions as last week. Again it might be best to break the 30 minutes as follows:

  1. Start with the days of the week/weather (Today is Tuesday/It is a sunny day etc)
  2. Pick 2 nursery rhymes each day and get the children to say them aloud- slowly and clearly ( Super Simple Songs on You Tube is good)
  3. Go back over some of the work from the previous work packs and what is in their EAL folders from school
  4. Spend about 10 minutes each day on the theme: Holiday Fun
  5. Colour a little of the work sheet
  6. Use the activity: Name 5 things that are blue etc to extend your child’s vocabulary

If you have any questions please email me to:


Finally it was a pleasure to have your child in my language class this year. I hope that you all remain safe and healthy and that you enjoy the Summer  holidays.

Thank you,

Kind regards,

Margaret Mahon