Senior Infants work pack June 15th – June 26th

Dear parents/ guardians,

I hope you are all safe and well during these challenging times. Please find below the Work Pack for the following dates 15th June – 26th June. This includes Active week and the activities for this week can hopefully be done outside weather permitting. 

We the senior infant teachers and SNAs would like to thank all of the children, parents/guardians, siblings, and other helpers for the enormous amount of effort and work that they have put in over the last few months. This is a very challenging time for everybody involved and we really appreciate the work done.  We would also like to thank everyone for engaging so well with the zoom calls and I know that everyone enjoyed them very much and they were a great opportunity for everyone to see each other again. 

This is the last work pack we will be sending out before the end of the school year, so we have included a few nice activities to finish off the year.

Active Home Week

15th – 19th of June 2020


Create your own obstacle course

Teddy Bear’s Picnic


Jersey Day

& Keepy Uppies Challenge

Chalk hop-scotch on the ground


Egg/ potato and spoon race

Build a hut





Walk a mile with a smile

Build the tallest tower

Check out the Active Schools Website!

Here are some ideas for PE games and activities that can be done outside if the weather is fine.

  • Have races with your child or time them using various obstacles or different ways of racing e.g. crabwalks, tippy toes, crawling, etc.
  • Set up a small target like a hoop or bucket in your garden (away from any windows) and maybe throw/kick/roll something soft at the target 10 times and see how many times you can get it in.
  • Chasing bubbles in your garden
  • Create your own Sports Day (sack race, egg and spoon race, wheelbarrow race)
  • Skipping
  • Playground games (Bean game, duck duck goose, what time is in Mr Wolf? Traffic lights etc)
  • Check out Sarsfields and Moorefield Facebook pages for GAA skills
  • Cycle your bike
  • Go for a walk

Final Week Activities

Monday June 22nd – Friday June 26th

As this is the last week of the year, we have assigned just one activity for each day. We feel each activity is enjoyable to do and work as a nice reflective activities to finish off the year.

Monday 22nd June

A class memory!
An easy and creative idea to help students remember their Class and classmates. Give your child an extra large piece of paper, and give them a 15-20 minute timer. Then tell them to decorate the page so it looks like their classroom. They can design it from what it looks like from where they sit or what it looks like from a birds eye view. When they have it designed try and get them to remember where their friends used to sit and draw them in.

Tuesday 23rd June

Creative Summer Writing 
This fun activity will get your child thinking and maybe writing creatively. For an end of the year writing activity fill a picnic basket or a box with various summer items – beach towel, bucket, sand, mask, swimsuit, apple, shells, juice bottle, toys, etc. – and have them pick 5 or 6 items. Get them to come up with a story using these items in the story. After giving them some thinking time to come up with their story get them to draw 3 pictures from the story. The beginning, middle and ending. Just for fun, try and get them to write 1 or 2 lines under each picture describing what happened. Don’t correct grammatical or spelling errors as it is just for fun.

Wednesday 24th June

Best Year Ever!!

Get your child to list out their 5 favourite things they did this year or the 5 different parts of the school year that they enjoyed the most. Support them to write down each one of these things by helping with spelling and phrasing. Also, at the end of the exercise get them to write down one thing they hope do in first class and one academic thing they want to improve on next year.

Thursday 25th June

Get your child to read through all of their work from the day the schools closed. Look through all the worksheets, copies, and pictures so that they can see themselves the sheer amount of work completed. Congratulate them and award them the certificate that accompanies this document.

Friday 26th June


Have a last day of school party with your child and congratulate them for a super year of work.