Language Support (E.A.L) Junior Infants Work Pack May 5th – May 15th

Suggested Work for E.A.L. Junior Infants Tuesday May 5th – Friday May 15th

Dear Parents and children,

 I hope you are keeping safe and well. I hope you managed to engage with some of the work that I posted on the website last month. I fully understand that every family situation is different so please do what you are able to do. The first page of suggestions are the same as last month as children learn best by constant repetition and if the children were in school this is what they would be doing daily. I have also enclosed a new theme : Summer  and again the most important thing to do is to chat to you child each day for a while in English. The theme might be of help with this.. Again do what you are able and also revise last month’s theme : the Farm. If you have any questions or if you wish me to email you the work sheets  directly  please do not hesitate to contact me: – Also if you wish to send me pictures of the children engaging in different activities for our twitter page please do. Stay safe and again say a big hello to the children for me.

Kind regards,

Margaret Mahon

Page 1: Daily Activities

  • To name things in the : (house/garden/shed/shop/park/grass/trees)
  • To express wants. ( I would like something to eat/drink/ I am hungry/thirsty
  • To express likes. (Examples:I like to play with my friend/I like to watch TV/ I like to play with my toys
  • To answer questions. (Examples:What did you do today? Where is mum?)
  • To understand commands. ( Pass me a fork/spoon/ Go upstairs and get me my jumper
  • To listen to and follow directions.
  • To review prepositions. (on, at, inside, outside – eg. The book is on the table. Dad is outside in the garden,  My sister is at the table.
  • To review colours.
  • To review shapes. (Square/circle/rectangle/triangle)
  • To count objects.
  • To recognise numerals. (1-10_
  • To know jolly phonic sounds. ( Get the children  to blend letters: c, a, t,-cat, cap, cup, car, mat, bag, etc- If you have access to Youtube, Jolly Phonics is available there.
  • To know words to accompany the sounds. ( The children have some words in their Language folder and also show them more)
  • To use chants, rhymes and songs to learn vocabulary. ( Get the children to say the rhymes that they remember -Also on You tube  ( Rhymes for children)

To listen to stories. Start with the fairtytales or any stories that the children enjoy. Chat to them about the story. ( If you don’t have books, go to stories online and get the children to listen to the story)

 Questions to be covered daily:

  • What do you want?
  • Do you want a…?….”I want a…?”
  • What do you like?…”I like a…”
  • What would you like ?…”I would like….”
  • What day is it today?
  • What day is it tomorrow
  • What day was it yesterday?
  • What month is it now?
  • What is the weather today? ( It is a cloudy day, dry/wet/cold/sunny)


Explain to the children that we are now in the season of Summer.

Show them pictures of: butterflies/bees/flowers/

Where is it nice to play in the Summer?: The garden, the park, the beach

Week 1: 5th – 8th

What do we enjoy doing in Summer?:

Playing in the garden, playing in the sand, the paddling pool. Playing outside with our friends( When we are allowed again!)

We enjoy having a barbecue with our family ( name some foods that we cook on the barbecue)

Work sheet:

 Name each item and colour ( Talk about the picture :example: I love when we have sausages on the barbecue)

Week 2: 11th -15th

If it is a sunny day we use sun cream to protect our skin from the sun.

What clothes do we wear in Summer:

 Shorts /T- shirt/sandals/flip flops/sun glasses/ sun hat/swimsuit

Activity:   Name each item and colour. Talk about the picture (example: I like wearing sandals in the Summer. I wear a sun hat on a sunny day.)