Junior Infants Work Pack May 5th – May 15th

Junior Infants Work for Fortnight Beginning 4th May

*If you are having trouble reading or downloading this work, please email your class teacher who will email you the work in a Word Document or PDF.

Dear parents/guardians,

We hope you are all keeping well and safe. Here are some ideas for this fortnight’s home school. You will see some optional worksheets below which you might like to print out at home.  We have loved reading the emails you have been sending us, letting us know how your children are getting on. Keep them coming! 

If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to ask. 

Zoom: This coming Thursday and Friday (7/8th of May) we, the class teachers, will be trialling out an optional Zoom Catch Up with our classes! 

This will be an opportunity for the teachers and children to see each other virtually and have a quick catch up and maybe show a piece of art or a craft! 

If you are interested, please email your consent to your class teacher and they will get in touch with the details and the day of the Zoom Catch Up. 

Again, this for the children and teacher with the parent on hand for any technical difficulties! If you need to speak with the teacher or have any questions, you can email them directly.

As we have stated before, don’t forget the importance of play and just how much your child will learn and benefit from it!

Remember, these are suggested activities only, and that the learning opportunities that arise in normal day-to-day life such as play, household chores and outdoor activities should not be underestimated. 

Also don’t forget our suggested timetable which might help structure your time working with the children.

English: 15-20 minutes

Maths: 15-20 minutes

Gaeilge: 10 minutes

Spend as much time as you like being playful, active and creative! 

Hello boys and girls!

Your teachers are missing you all so much. We hope you are being good for your mammies and daddies! Keep up the good work and hopefully we will be back together in school soon.

From Miss O’Driscoll, Mrs O’Connor, Miss O’Sullivan, Miss Murray, Miss Kavanagh and Miss King.


 The theme for this fortnight is The Farm. We have suggested lots of farm-themed activities below!



Encourage good posture: Tummy to the table, feet on the floor (or off the chair).

Correct pencil grip: pencil held between thumb and peter pointer, and other hand holding page/work steady.

Continue to revise letter formation for c, o, a, d and g, q, i, r, n,m,and h.

(lower case)

  • Week starting 04/05: Move on to letter formation for b and p.
  • Week starting 11/05: Move on to letter formation for t and j.

See the letter formation sheet below for the rhymes. Use pencils, crayons, markers, paint, trace, playdough or sand!

YouTube: Let’s Get Squiggling

Write a simple caption using correct letter formation for children to copy such as ‘Today is Monday’/’My news’ etc.

If children find it difficult to copy it, the letters can be traced for them to copy.

Draw a picture to go with their caption

Practise writing your name using correct letter formation. (capital letter to start, followed by lower case letters)

Again, if children find this difficult, you can write it out for them to copy or trace.


  • Continue to revise sounds in the sound bag and make CVC words.
  • Games: sound bingo, sound snap, guess the sound, I spy,
  • Activity: Can you find objects in your house that start with the same sound as the letters in your name?

E.g. Sam: S – scissors, a – apple, m – mop

  • *Optional worksheets: Choose the correct word and cut & stick

Word Families

  • Revise making and reading at, an and in words.
  • Start making ‘et’’ words. (pet, wet, set, bet, jet, vet, net, etc! )

YouTube: Alphablocks



  • Week starting 04/05: The Gruffalo
  • Week starting 11/05: Pig in the Pond

Continue to read stories at home and sequence beginning, middle and end (see sequence picture below).

Ask questions about what happened in the story.

Draw pictures of the story.


Teacher Login:

username parents@harpercollins.co.uk  password Parents20


  • Revise previous Nursery Rhymes.
  • Clap the rhyming words (e.g. beep, sheep).
  • Draw pictures of the rhymes. Sequence the rhymes.
  • What happened first, next, then? (See sequence sheet below)
  • Discuss language in rhymes eg what does ‘pail of water’ mean etc.
  • Can you make up your own rhyme or change the words of one you know?

Week starting 04/05 – London Bridge is Falling Down https://youtu.be/xaXCf_fPD2k 

Week starting 11/05 –  The Queen of Hearts


Oral Language

Find a picture of The Farm to help the children’s thinking process!

  • The Farm: What animals can you see/hear on the farm?

How does the farmer take care of the animals?

Is the farm a busy place do you think? Why?

What things do we get from the farm?

Where do the animals sleep? Where does the farmer sleep?

Would you like to be a farmer? Why/Why not?

Which is your favourite farm animal? Why?

  • Call or video-call a relative for a chat!

My News:

-What day is it today?

-What is the weather like today?

-What did you do today?

Asking questions:

Encourage your child to interview members of the family and ask them about their news.

Draw a picture of something you did. Sometimes include a simple caption (see handwriting section)

Maybe share a photo of your drawing to room1@stconlethinfantschool.ie or to your teacher’s email!


 Number Rhymes

  • Two Little Dickie Birds
  • One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
  • One Two Three Four Five, Once I Caught a Fish Alive
  • Five Little Ducks
  • Three Blind Mice

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt 

You will need to find something in your house/garden that is the same colour as a rainbow colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Once you have found at least one item of each colour, you can arrange them to look like a real rainbow! 

(Using more than one item of each colour will make your rainbow even bigger!)

The number  5

Using pasta/lego bricks/farm animals (any small objects you can find) to show what makes 5. E.g 2 and 3, 4 and 1, 5 and 0.

What makes 5? e.g I have 2 items, how many more do I need to make 5?

Numbertime 5

Numberblocks number 5 https://youtu.be/YpH2W3fgUJs 

Number formation

Continue to practise writing the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


Explore heavy/light objects around the house.

Predict which item you think is heavier/lighter.

Which farm animals do you think are heavy/light?


*Optional worksheet:

There are two farm themed counting worksheets below.



Encourage the children to practise the rhymes they know.

  • Rólaí Pólaí
  • Lámh, Lámh Eile
  • Is Mise An Traein
  • Cad atá sa mhála?


Conas atá an aimsir inniu? Tá an lá te/fuar/fliuich/tirim.

Count as Gaeilge

1 a haon

2 a dó

3 a trí

4 a ceathair

5 a cúig

6 a sé

7 a seacht

8 a hocht

9 a naoi

10 a deich


Three short videos for éadaí  (clothes) to help with pronunciation – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJQmPbsNY5M

Read the poem to your child if you can and help your child draw a person wearing the correct clothes. Colour the clothes correctly. Label the picture. Learn the poem and perform for your family! (see pictures below for clothes and colour translation)

Bríste gorm,

Stocaí buí,

Ca bhfuil mo hata?

A haon, a dó, a trí!

Geansaí gorm,

Bróga donn,

Cá bhfuil mo hata?

Níl sé agam!

Carbhat dearg,

Léine gorm,

Cá bhfuil mo hata?

Ó, tá sé orm!


 ‘Olivia’ is a lovely cartoon which can be found on TG4 player online – you can put the subtitles on so you can see what they are saying in Irish.

Traen na nAinmhithe – Animal Train

Story/Sceál – Cinnín Óir agus na Trí Bheár (Goldilocks and the Three Bears)

Bua na Cainte

Bua na Cainte is an interactive Irish programme we use in school. Edco has made it available for parents to download at home. It is quite a large file and is not tablet/iPad/phone friendly. You will need a laptop or a computer for it to work. If you download it, the username is trial and the password is trial. Go to: www.edco.ie/bua and you will be brought to a Dropbox.

SESE (History, Geography, Science)        

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Bug Hunt: a slow bug, a fast bug, a cute bug, a small bug, an earthworm (return the bugs to where you found them!

Nature Hunt: a blade of grass, a bee, a flower petal, a feather, a stone

Sound Hunt: Can you hear… a bird singing, a twig cracking, a bee buzzing, a dog barking, an animal noise, an engine


Take a magnet from the fridge and see what it sticks to! (Keep magnets away from electronics like computers, phones, TVs etc!)

Make a list of the magnetic objects in your house. You can draw them or trace the words!



Painting Stones

Make characters, patterns, shapes, rainbows. If you live near The Curragh, maybe you could add your stone to the collection there?


Draw or paint a picture of a big splash! (From the story Pig in the Pond)

Junk Art

Can you transform a cereal or tissue box into a farm or farm animal?


Dabble Doo

are offering a month’s free full access to all of their best content so that parents and guardians can educate and entertain their kids at home. https://dabbledoomusic.com/

Old Mac Donald Had a Farm

Learn and perform this song for your family! What actions can you do for each animal?


  • Mime – acting without making a sound. Call out animals who live on the farm, children can mime. E.g a cow, a pig
  • Game – Children act like a farm animal and the rest of the family can guess what animal they are.
  • Roleplay – The Farmer – sowing crops, feeding the animals, going to the farmers market.

The Gruffalo

  • Facial expressions – Read through the story and ask the child to show you the facial expression they think the animal would have e.g when the mouse meets the owl for the first time.
  • Game – Discuss how the children could become each of the following Gruffalo, Mouse, Owl, Snake, Fox, Rock and Tree. Ask them to think about how they would move, how they can show their size using their bodies, how they can change their voice. When you have had a discussion call out the different animals/objects and the children can perform.

The Pig in the Pond

  • Act out – Lolling in the sun (heavy and restless)
  • Rise from the ground, turn round and round (stamping, twirling)
  • Jumping, energised by cold water (splashing and moving in water)
  • Cool down – Relaxed and refreshed, imagine sunbathing by a pool.



Our very own Coach Morgan uploads a free lesson on Wednesday at 11.15am to his Facebook/Instagram, Evolve Strength and Fitness!

Ball Skills

  • Throwing and catching
  • Rolling the ball
  • Kicking using the inside of the foot
  • Trapping /Stopping the ball with your foot
  • Aiming – Using an object, make it a target and throw/kick the ball towards the object.

Our two local GAA clubs, Sarsfields and Moorefield have been uploading daily skills challenges on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.Why not give them a try!

Online Exercises


May is the month of Mary

We all know that Mary was a very special person. Can you remember whose mammy she was? She was full of God’s love or full of ‘grace’. So we can say ‘hail Mary’ or ‘hello Mary’ and then ‘full of grace’ which means ‘full of God’s love’.

It might be nice to learn the prayer Hail Mary this month (see below) and make a craft for her!


  • Bun Case Flowers
  • Paper Plate Flowers
  • Colour in a Picture of Mary (see below)


  • Alphablocks
  • Numberblocks
  • Numbertime (1 2 3 4 5, shapes)
  • Super Simple Songs
  • Draw with Don

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2HYM9VXz9k (Jolly Phonic Jingles)     https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe1VpF4wS_kdcjyTRSXBcnQ (The Singing Walrus Music Channel)