Language Support Junior Infants June 2nd – 12th

Dear parents,

I hope that you are well. As we approach our last month of school I am sure you are finding it difficult to motivate the children. Please try if possible to do 30 minutes of structured work with the children each day. I have broken down the session below and hopefully this might be of help. As I have said already please chat to the children each day for a while in English. I have enclosed some new work: Holiday Fun but please let me know if it is too much.  It might be best to break the 30 minutes as follows:

  1. Start with the days of the week/weather (Today is Tuesday/It is a sunny day etc)
  2. Pick 2 nursery rhymes each day and get the children to say them aloud- slowly and clearly ( Super Simple Songs on You Tube is good)
  3. Go back over some of the work from the previous work packs and what is in their EAL folders from school
  4. Spend about 10 minutes each day on the new subject ( Holiday fun  this fortnight)
  5. Colour a little of the work sheet
  6. Help the children with the Game ( Instructional Tree game)

If you have any questions please email me to:

I would love for you to send me some photos of the children’s work.

In the meantime, take care and stay safe.

Kind regards,

Margaret Mahon

Theme: Holiday Fun at the Beach

Use the following vocabulary and activity sheets   to ask the children lots of questions. First ask them to name the various objects in the pictures and then build on their sentence structure. Encourage full sentences. Get them to colour each sheet.


Holiday/car/camera/sunglasses/beach/sand/sea/sandcastle/bucket/spade/beach ball/suitcase/sunhat/ice-cream


How many ‘s’ words can you name that has something to do with Summer:

Sea/sand/sun/sunglasses/sunscreen/sundress/sandcastle/summer/sail/sailboat/saltwater/sandals/seagull/seashell/seaweed/starfish/sunbathe/sunburn/sunhat/suntan/swimsuitsurfboard/swim/swimming cap


Examples of Questions:

What do we wear when we go swimming?

What kind of shoes do people wear on the beach?

How do you protect your eyes from the sun?

Name 3 items you might bring to the beach

Do many people go to the beach in Winter? Why?

What can you do to stay cool on a hot day?

Do you think it is important to wear sunscreen on a hot day? Why?

Name 3 things that you would like to do on the beach?

Name something that would float on the water

What might be under the water?

What can we do with the sand?