Senior Infants Work Pack June 2nd to 12th

Dear parents/ guardians,

I hope you are all safe and well during these challenging times. Please find below the Work Pack for the following dates 2nd June – 12th June

We would like to start by thanking all of the children, parents/guardians, siblings, and other helpers for the enormous amount of effort and work that they have put in over the last few months. This is a very challenging time for everybody involved and we really appreciate the work done.  We would also like to thank everyone for engaging so well with the zoom calls and I know that everyone enjoyed them very much and they were a great opportunity for everyone to see each other again. 

We have tried something different with the following work pack, we have broken down the pack into daily activities instead of just a list.  For each of the 9 school days we have a number of suggested activities to complete. We would like to say also that this work is not compulsory, and the work assigned for each day is merely a guideline. If it suits parents or children to do certain activities on different days, then please complete activities whenever it suits you best. There is quite a bit of work from various subjects assigned for each day however we still recommend completing 2-4 activities each day.

Tuesday 2nd June


 CAPACITY  – See Home/School Links Sheet 20

Discuss the concept of FULL and EMPTY using containers at home.


Encourage your child to fill and empty containers and to describe them

“This one is nearly full”  etc  Do p. 115 of Maths Book


Handwriting – Capital Letters: D/H/ Use Handwriting book and complete pages. (if pages are completed already try practising them on blank paper with crayons/pencils


Listen to the story Cinnín Óir agus na Trí Bhéar

The children are familiar with the story so will be able to follow it even if they don’t understand all the words. They will hear phrases and words that are familiar to them.


 Animal Alphabet song  – Dream English Kids Youtube

The children can identify the animals.

Extension: The children guess which animal comes next in alphabetical order.

                    How many animals have fur?

                    Are there birds in the animal alphabet?

                    Which animals have teeth?

                    Draw your favourite animal


Wednesday 3rd June


Use a variety of containers of different sizes.  Pick out 2. Ask your child which one they think holds more/less and why?

Do the same using 3 containers. Encourage your child to use words like BIGGER ,WIDER, SMALLER, HOLDS MORE, HOLDS LESS, MOST, LEAST, THE SAME  etc.

Do Maths Book p.116 and 117


Phonics/Reading – “ar” sounds this week.

Begin by looking at Starfall online and the story “Car Race”.

Ask the children if they can hear the “ar” sound in the story.

Write down “ar” words suggested by the children in a copy or a sheet of paper and let the children draw a picture for some of the words.

Extension Work: Write simple sentences with “ar” words – for example

 I see a star.

The car is blue.

Ask your child to read out what they have written and illustrate their work.


Following on from Tuesday’s Star in a Car story suggestion, your child could draw a map of where the “Star” went.

Thursday 4th June


This would be a lovely water play activity for the good weather. Use small containers to fill bigger ones.

Ask your child to estimate how many small containers (eg: cups) would fill a larger one (eg: bowl).

Then measure and compare with their estimations.

Do Maths Book pg.118


Listen to the story of Cinnín Óir again.

Encourage your child to join in with the repetition “A haon, a dó, a trí” “mór, an-mhór, beag bídeach” “ Tá ocras orm ach ní maith liom” “Tá tuirse orm ach ní math liom”.


Sorting animals: Twinkl Sorting animals into sets worksheets

                Animal Alphabet song again.

                Discuss animals that have different attributes:

Animals with feathers/scales/live on land/ 4 legs two legs /no legs/beaks/teeth.

Friday 5th June


Free writing: Ask the children to write their daily news WITHOUT correcting their spelling or letter


                        Topic suggestions: A star in a car wants to go far.

                                                          Where would the star like to go?

                                                                The star in the car went to the far, far sea/mountains/jungle etc.

Phonics/Reading – The Sight words dance song – youtube.

Practise reading your favourite book with someone who can support you when you need help with new words.

Rhyme – An Elephant Goes… by Jackie Silberg and Pam Schiller.- Kidzone

move around the room mimicking the actions of the elephant.

                                                How would you describe an elephant?

                                                Heavy/Light   Big/Small   Slow/Fast 


Target Number

Children choose a number between 4-10.

They find as many ways as they can to make that number 

(I pick 8 and 2+2+2+2=8 or 4+4=8 or 1+1+1+1+4=8 etc)

Monday 8th June

Mindfulness Monday

Ask your child to go out into the garden and close their eyes for a minute. Ask them to remember as many things that they can hear. When the minute is over they can come in and draw as many of the things they could hear. This activity can be repeated if necessary. Also if some of the things they hear can be labelled that would be great also.

Please find attached some mindfulness colouring sheets which children can complete in silence or listening to music.

Ideas for doing this colouring include trying to copy an actual butterfly and making sure that both wings are identical.

With the tree you could try and colour half of it summer colours and half of it autumn colours

Also try to colour both sheets  in a way that the same colour isn’t touching itself.

Also if you wish there is a link below to a mindfulness colouring activit. Pick out the first letter of your childs name or surname and colour it in.

 Tuesday 9th June


Handwriting: Practice Capital letters – use handwriting book or Handwriting website from last weeks  plan. J/K/E/B

Phonics/Reading : PAT programme: Dictation following revision of word families.

Ask your child if they can identify a particular word family from their reading book  i.e. “an” family words or “ill” family words.

Alternatively you could focus on “oo” words.

Your child could copy out the words that they found. They could be “word” detectives.

Rhyme: The Opposites Song   Kids TV 123

Identifying opposites which can be used when describing animals/people etc.

Ask your child to describe what they might see if they went for a walk by the river by using the words that they have learned. For example: I saw a tall green tree with small/large leaves on it and lots of little  insects on it.

SPHE     Food Safety is important at this time of year, discuss with your child which food items need to be kept cool in the fridge.

                Some food spoils easily i.e. Dairy/ Meat/ some vegetables. Ask your child to draw a list of items that your family like to keep in the fridge during the warm summer months.

Wednesday 10th June

Baking Day

Please complete this activity whenever is easiest for you and your child.

Baking is an excellent way for a child to learn a you can complete these activities another day if it suits.

Baking is an excellent opportunity for children to learn a variety of skills. The class teachers have already received numerous pictures of some beautiful treats that have been cooked and we cant wait to get some samples when we see you again.

The following websites contain hundreds of easy, child friendly recipes that you can choose from.

Prior to the cooking process show your child the ingredients and get them to guess what order we will use them in and how we will put what we are going to make together.

Then, after the baking is over and the chef’s hats have been set aside try and get your child to remember each step and draw a picture of it.

Thursday 11th June


Handwriting –  ICT Games: Big Letter Bunny as a lead in to continuing to practise Capital letter writing.

Sing the Alphabet Song or the Animal Alphabet Song and ask your child if they would like to try to write the CAPITAL letters in alphabetical order.

Praise your child for giving it a go and note for yourself any letters that need revising.

Make a diary entry for Thursday.

Topic suggestions:

Your child could draw a picture of an outdoor activity that they enjoyed and write a simple sentence or two to describe their picture. Use Opposite Word Song to help with describing words.        A long walk    A short drive   A hot day

Phonics/Reading – Ask your child to read out some of their diary entries from the blank copy.

Revise “oo” sound by asking your child to try and write these words independently:

Zoom   moon   room   broom   soon    boot

Praise your child for writing and if you notice that more practice is needed then do this

Z_ _m /   m_ _ n /  r_ _ m      etc.

MATHS  See Home School Links Sheet 18 and 2 Money worksheets

Use a selection of 1c, 2c, 5c, and 10c coins. You could play a simple shopping game where items cost up to 10c.

Talk about p.107 of maths book and complete it



Foods that are healthy for us.

Begin with a song:   The Vegetable Song – The Singing Walrus online

 The Fruit Song – The Singing Walrus online

(If your child hasn’t developed a taste for fruit or veg yet then ask them what they would  like to try when they are older!!!!)

Extension:  Putting different pieces of cut fruit into water to see how it alters the taste of the water i.e. lemons/oranges/limes.

Friday 12th June


Free writing: Ask the children to write their daily news WITHOUT correcting their spelling or letter


                        Topic suggestions: Zoom to the Moon on a Spoon.

Children can draw a picture first then have a chat about who and what they would bring with them.

What healthy snacks could they bring with them to eat?

Which toy/teddy/pet would like to go with them and why?



Continue to play the shopping game and use real coins.

Look at p. 108 of maths book. Name each fruit and talk about it’s price.  Ask questions like

“Which food is the dearest/cheapest?

“If I had 5c , how much more would I need to buy a pear? ….etc

Complete the page by colouring the right amount of coins.


Play the clip and then use the phrase “tabhair dom” with a variety of objects.

Encourage the children to use Go raibh maith agat  (Thank you)